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Whats on in the summer
Whats on in the Summer Before covid19 summers in the Algarve and Portugal were teaming with entertainment.  At some point in time, lets hope from summer 2022 we will learn to live with [...]
Santa Ana Trail
PR1-SLV – Historic Santa Ana Trail If any of you know us and our walking, we are never great at following a trail.  However, the trail of Santa Ana PR1-SLV was a surprising hidden [...]
Apr 11, 2021 Category: Exploring, Historic Trail, Messines, Uncategorized, Walking Trails 0 Comments
Discovering Carvoeiro
Discovering more about Carvoeiro Discovering Carvoeiro is about showing you that the Carvoeiro is more than beaches and restaurants.   This fantastic, what is now a town is more than just a [...]
Apr 05, 2021 Category: Exploring, Holiday Ideas, Uncategorized, Vacation rentals 116 Comments
Building Carvoeiro villa rentals
We always say to clients Carvoeiro is like the Hotel California “You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!” and why would you want to with stunning scenery, great fresh food, [...]
Introducing Carvoeiro.Villas
Introducing you to We live, breathe and love Portugal, this is why we are proud to call it home.  Indeed, we also have the pleasure of exploring and promoting this beautiful [...]
Mar 22, 2021 Category: Exploring, Holiday Ideas, Time out, Vacation rentals, Whats On 0 Comments