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Exploring Portugal!!

When you come to your Carvoeiro villa do not miss your opportunity to go out  exploring Portugal.

Nowadays there is endless amounts of  information on the internet about things to do and places to go in the Algarve and Portugal. 

So we like to share a more personal guide to the places we like to explore ourselves.  Just click on the image to see more. 

Carvoeiro Villas Exploring towns

The towns & Villages

Exploring Portugal more pages

Exploring Portugal, its tastes, nature and experiences is a big part of our life and work.  Hence we naturally want to share our time and ideas with you.  We will be adding more pages of content that will include The Beaches, Walking Trails and Towns/Villages.   Our plans are to add content about great places to have food and listen to music.  In addition we want to add pages with suggested driving routes which we have in our villa infornation books.  Furthermore, we would like to add ideas and suggestions for people who decide to fly in via Lisbon.

Exploring Portugal in our posts

Without a doubt one of the best elements of for us, apart from the villas, is the blog.  Besides standard webpages, we can also write posts.  Importantly our aim here is to be able to share with people adventures, ideas and experiences in more detail.  You will be able to read more personal insights of our first hand experiences living here. 


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