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Portimão Sardinha

August TBC

Portimão Sardinha Festival, more than just sardines!

The summer event of Portimão Sardinha Festival is more that just eating Sardines.   Undoubtedly this is a plus for many whom are not keen on the smell or taste of Sardines. In addition there are other regional tastes of food and drink.  Furthermore there are stalls, a mini funfare and lots of promenading.   Clearly for us the best part are the concerts that attract National bands.

Unquestionably this is a portuguese event for the people, however tourists can still enjoy the atmosphere and explore the events.

Portimão Sardinha Festival celebrates the towns deep ties to Sardines.   There is a whole museum dedicated to the industry , which we would recommend a visit, only costs about 3€ to enter.  Unquestionably for many years in the past as you crossed the old bridge in Portimão you were greeted by the smell and smoke from the lines of restraurants grilling sardines.  These days the bulk of the sardine restaurants are on the right as you cross the old bridge,  however its not the same.

Portimão Sardinha Festival

Not Just Sardines

Portimao Sardinha festival is more than a festival to enjoy eating   sardines (if you do not like them,  believe us its not like the old days you cannot actually smell them much).


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As you cross the old bridge in  Portimao, on your left along the river down to the Naval Clube are stalls of food, drinks, artisan, market, book tent and more.  It is a great place for all ages to just spend some time promenading,  enjoying food and atmosphere.

August 2022 TBC


Early evening there is music at the band stand near the fountain square.  Later in the evening there is a bigger stage close to the old bridge which hosts a different Portuguese band each evening from around 22:00


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