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Silves Sunset Secrets

Silves Castle

Silves Secret Sunsets - a prime location to enjoy sunsets, drinks & music

Not well publicised, however Silves Secret Sunsets is a great unique experience for all to enjoy.  Without a doubt it is more than just watching an amazing sunset in a unique position.  Clearly, many of you may have already been to Silves Castle, maybe fortunate to enjoy a sunset.

In Particular Silves Secret Sunets is a combination of the ability to relax with a drink and/or food while enjoying the sunset.  Additionally there is music, an educational segment.  Finally to finish the night normally there is mesmerising show with the fire dancers at the end.

Unquestionably our favourite part of the evening is exploring and photographing the castle in the different lights.  

When & Where

It should be note that normally Silves Secret Sunsets is weekly on a Thursday evening.  Particularly, a slot 4 to 5 weeks leading up to Silves Medieval

Located inside Silves Castle

Described as

“A magic and mystic place, full of memories and cultures, is waiting for you.  Silves Castle is one of the most important historic monument in the Algarve and will present every Thursdays special events which combine concerts with sonorities from the Mediterranean, oriental dance, poetry dinner, free relaxing massage and also original gastronomic proposals which innovate and reinvent the local/regional traditions.

They create an intimate atmosphere; you only have to relax and enjoy… forgetting time.”

Silves Secret Sunsets


There is normally a 5€ entry fee to the castle. 



Silves Secret Sunsets is an amazing opportunity to take in the castle as the sun goes down and explore

By the way

Moreover, you may recognise the Fire dancer from the Medieval pictures, the
fantastic Monica Peirara is part of the Akhawat Al Raks group.


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