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April 25, 2021

Whats on in the summer

Whats on in the Summer

Before covid19 summers in the Algarve and Portugal were teaming with entertainment.  At some point in time, lets hope from summer 2022 we will learn to live with covid19.  Importantly, we hope at this time the Algarve can return to entertaining us all.  Moreover, this post, Whats on in the summer, follows that hope, additionally a hope that all the events we love can return.

Our collection of whats on in the summer

Portugal offers music and events to cater for both the domestic tourists and those who live and work here.  More importantly countless activities, events and music is on show for the tourists from outside of Portugal.  One great website to refer to is Algarve365, which shows events all year round in each county.  Also you will see in each town/village information about local events.  Most tourist towns have nightly entertainment on a stage for the tourists.  In Carvoeiro this is located in square in front of the beach

Here at we want to share some of the events on the summer calendar that us at Pac4portugal personally enjoy and look forward to!

Carvoeiro Noite Black & White

The start of whats on in the summer is Carvoeiro Noite Black & White.  Widely regarded as the premier start of summer party in the Algarve. Officially summer starts each year on the 21 June, this event is the nearest Saturday before that date.

Without a doubt it is definitely a spectacular that you do not want to miss.   In particular it is a night to see Carvoeiro centre transform into a sea of black & white, music and dancing.  Attracting in the past over 30,000 people into the town from 20:00 to 02:00.  Clearly it is one of the last occasions that many who work in the tourism industry can all party together before the peak season.

Mercado de Culturas e á luz das velhas

Mercado de Culturas e á luz das velhas is a unique experience to see Lagoa in a different light.  Clearly, each year this event seems to grow a little more.  In particular it is based around the streets of the Covento de São Jose & down to the market.

Obviously the main element is that as it grow dark, some 12,000 plus candles are lit forming different shapes.  Besides this there also have stalls with food, drink and artisans.  Accompanied by music and entertainment this 5 nights event is great fun.

Silves Secret Sunsets

Not well publicised, however Silves Secret Sunsets is a great unique experience for all to enjoy.  Without a doubt it is more than just watching an amazing sunset in a unique position.  Clearly, many of you may have already been to Silves Castle, maybe fortunate to enjoy a sunset.

In particular Silves Secret Sunets is a combination of the ability to relax with a drink and/or food while enjoying the sunset.  Additionally there is music, an educational segment.  Finally to finish the night normally there is mesmerising show with the fire dancers at the end.

Unquestionably our favourite part of the evening is exploring and photographing the castle in the different lights.  

Portimão Sardinha Festival

The summer event of Portimão Sardinha Festival is more that just eating Sardines.   Undoubtedly this is a plus for many whom are not keen on the smell or taste of Sardines. In addition there are other regional tastes of food and drink.  Furthermore there are stalls, a mini funfare and lots of promenading.   Clearly for us the best part are the concerts that attract National bands.

Unquestionably this is a portuguese event for the people, however tourists can still enjoy the atmosphere and explore the events.

Silves Medieval Festival

Silves Medieval Festival transforms the historic and captivating town of Silves every summer for 10 nights.  In Particular highly regarded by the locals as the top event in the area each summer.  For some it feels forever to wait a whole year each time.

Moreover, we usually buy a special bracelet for the whole period and visit Silves Medieval Festival 7 out 10 nights.  Besides this allows us to enjoy the Silves medieval festival atmosphere and the different stages of the daily shows.  Without a doubt we would recommend one visit to the night time Castle show, this is ahas limited seats available, book early.  Additionally this lets you enjoy a number of acts in a private show.  The Jousting is also a great show of entertainment and competition. 

Whats on in the summer - Fatacil Show

The end of whats on in the summer is the Fatacil show.  Firstly there is a amazing display of horse showmanship and skills.  Secondly,  the agricultural element with farm animals and machines.  Thirdly, a wide display of artisan stalls, selling and demonstrating their wares.  In additional recent years has seen more mainstream companies selling and demonstrating.  Fourthly, the food, tastes and experiences from all over Portugal.  Fifthly, a variety of entertainment from traditional music and dancing.  Last but not least are the nightly concerts from well-known portuguese bands.

In further posts we will share with you our time out at some of these events, as well as other events. 

In addition, we love to go and see some of the local bands at cafes and restaurants, more information in due course.